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Majestic instruments  a leading importers of surgical tools, dental tools, beauty products such as nail nippers, scissors, Tweezers, pedicure and manicure equipment. We can make most hand surgical  tools and deliver them to you within 60 days.
Our success has come about by understanding our customer needs, and delivering  there needs with the utmost quality and trust, we have a simple strict philosophy to work closely and transparently with all stakeholders. Were fast ,honest  and reliable why look any where else.
Our Products include:
Importers of Medical and Surgical Instruments. Our Products : * Extracting Forceps English Pattern * Wisdom Teeth Extracting Forceps Root Fragment Forceps * Tooth Extracting Forceps for Children's with Spring * Tooth Extracting Forceps American Pattern * Root Splinter Forceps Extraction Tweezers * Bone Rongeurs * Root Elevators * Pliers For Orthodontics & Prosthetics * Orthodontics Instruments * Gum Scissors * Surgical Scissors * Haemostatic Forceps * Sponge and Dressing forceps * Needle Holders * Towel Clamps * Skin Hook & Retractors * Retractors * Cheek Retractors * Elevators * Raspatories * Chisels & Gouges * Rubber Dam Instruments * Tissue Pliers * Cotton and Dressing Pliers * Mouth Mirrors * Scalpel Handles * Handles Reference Guide * Explorers Endodontic Instruments * Periodontal Pocket Probes Endodontic Instruments * Explorers Probes * Filling Instruments * Filling Instruments Plastic * Amalgam Carvers Operative Instruments * Cavity Preparation Instruments * Excavators * Excavators English Patter * Periodontia Instruments * Bone Files * Bone Curettes Periodontal Instruments * Periodontia Instruments Gracey Curettes * Periodontia Instruments Scalers * Cement Spatulas * Wax and Modelling Carvers * Wax Knives * Spatulas for Plaster and Alginate * Amalgam Carriers * Dental Syringes * Water Syringes * Matrix Retainers * Crown Instruments * Crown Removers * Trays * Rubber Dam Clamps Beauty care instruments, cuticle knives, nail nippers, Tweezers, all types of scissors, we also can make most hand operated non mechanical tools, for beauty care products, dental products and surgical tools and much more.

Please contact us for more details.

Majestic Instruments. “A Company you can trust”  


Forging strong links with the customer under the principles of honesty and trust. Custom making instruments.


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